Principles and Factors Influence the Sand Washing Machine

The mine sand washing machine is a principal technical-economic index for the mining machinery industry.
In order to confirm the mine sand washing machine, our experts list here several main principles and factors as follows that will help to improve the mining industrial development.
1.Matching principle: the mine sand washing machine and the mine service life should be matched with the ore reserves.
2.Policy principle: all mine production should be in line with the national policies and be in harmony with the national, local and regional development plans.
3.Market principle: the mineral products need to meet the market demand and requirements of the national economy.
4.Advanced technology practicable principle: the confirmed sand washing machine should combine the current technology and show the advantages of the technology.
5.Economic principle: the mine sand washing machine should guarantee the considerable economic and social benefits.
6.Geological conditions of the ore deposit and the production technique determine the exploitation method and the productivity of the ore blocks.
7.Prospecting degree of the ore deposit and the resource reserves: in order to confirm a companys sand washing machine, we need to base ourselves on the reliable prospecting materials and enough quantity of resource reserves.
8.Technology and equipped level: different technologies will lead to different production scales. Moreover, we must think about the other factors like the companys quality and scale, mining technology and the equipment adaptability.
9.The external construction condition: this factor involves the material supply, electricity and water supply, communication and transportation as well as the environment bearing capacity.


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