Analysis of the characteristics of rotor centrifugal sand making machine

Through the comparison of a production site we found that, compared with VSI vertical sand making machine, double cavity type rotor patented the German original rotor centrifugal type sand making machine can not only improve the sand rate, also has the following characteristics:
A main rotor, with only two big outlet, the utility model has the advantages of: no card data, exports less means less wear and tear, import large feed size, reduce the energy consumption of per ton, the capacity increases.
Two, the rotor consists of detachable parts. The rotor is composed of a single component mechanical combination and balance, good performance. And the whole rotor welding part, all wearing parts wear protection for a single replaceable. In addition, because of the wear parts can be replaced individually and renovation, the rotor structure, long service life.
Three, quick change system. To facilitate the maintenance of internal sand making machine and its maintenance, cover with the rotary structure. As a result, easily into the rotor internal inspection or replacement of wear resistant lining board and / or sand bed, but also to facilitate rapid replacement of wear parts.
Four, the wear-resisting lining board instead of sand bed crushing can increase crushing efficiency, improve the sand production rate. The rotor of centrifugal type sand making machine can provide the annular liner and sand bed two options, the user can according to need to be in a machine to achieve rapid transformation.
Real income is the difference between the high capacity and low cost. The rotor of centrifugal type sand making machine is able to have a high production rate and low operation and maintenance cost of a vertical sand making machine, it is also based on this, the domestic users more and more and use the rotor centrifugal type sand making machine.


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