Combination of Chinese and western with the improvement of sand making machine technology

Recently, Netease News Network reported a "million dollar sand making machine, buy back into the" scrap "report, called a sand owners two years ago from a sand making machine factory to buy sand making equipment price of nearly one million, from the contract, purchase of equipment to the installation test. Conditions are still frequent, this set of equipment can not produce sand. Buyers believe that the machine has the quality question, request a return. The seller that the objective causes of the machine can not be used, is willing to price of scrap metal recycling machine, 2500 yuan a ton.
In small series, has a great relationship with our low sand making machine technology level of this problem. It is reported that the sand making machine R & D and production is relative to other types of crusher, is the need of technical content is quite high, while China has been widely used for sand backward technology level, sand production is low, the low rate of finished products, a lot of sand stone and even can only buy two or more sets of system sand machine can meet the needs of normal production.
Because of this problem, the domestic stone machinery manufacturers began to cooperate with foreign sand making machine manufacturers to provide high level of technology, sand making equipment imported. For example, in 2013, the famous large sand project contractor Zhengzhou Dingsheng group has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known German sand making machine, R series of Germany imported sand making machine to the market price, the rotor centrifugal design by using the series of sand making machine, the advantages of light weight, high yield, small, wear characteristics energy saving and environmental protection advantages, the production of aggregate gradation of the product is scientific and reasonable, good shape, very flaky, fully meet the national standard of sand quality, is the best choice for the production of sand and gravel aggregate products.
Believe that through the combination of Chinese and western advanced technology and equipment, will enable China's breaking and the sand technology a major step forward, will bring more benefits to the aggregate production enterprises.
Finally, Xiao Bian to say as China stone machinery manufacturers, must be in line for the customer and responsible attitude and sense of responsibility, for the owners of construction sand production line, to provide a complete set of solutions for the owners of gravel sand production, especially in the previous survey, design, equipment selection and configuration, must be careful investigation according to the owners, local raw ore characteristics and a series of thoughtful design, to ensure the smooth production, production standards of sand production line, it will not appear "sand making machine over a million yuan, bought into the" scrap "situation.


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